Unlike our kiddo, I am not an animal friend. I don’t hate them, neither do I love them. Our kid is such a sweetheart with animals. Cats, dogs, iguanas, fish, cows, ants you name it. But there are 5 animals that I can’t stand at all. Mosquitoes, rats, flies, cocroaches and snakes. They kind of piss me off just by looking at them. Today I’ll write about snakes. Not for fun. Yikes! Do you like snakes? Those creepy slithering creatures?

I have never liked them. Probably because I consider them all dangerous and evil. Well, they do look evil. Don’t ya think?

Living on a dairy farm in Saramacca we have to be careful with snakes. Especially in the rainy season. And especially with a toddler that is not afraid of animals.

There are venomous and nonvenomous snakes around here such as the labaria and the watersnake.

A snake around the house is a no-no for me. A snake on my yard is also a no-no. It’s a bit difficult to completely keep them away on the farm.

That’s why we just have to pray that God will protect us all. And I can tell you, He did protect us then and He still does. Cuz there were times when the snake was not visible immediately and was close enough to strike.

Do you like snakes?

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