Dear Daughter: You are almost Four years!

You are almost four. And your interest and love for flowers and animals surprises me every day. It’s amazing how you enjoy this farm life, away from the city. The little things. The big things. How do you do that? It makes me so happy to watch you grow…to watch you do stuff in the open, things I wouldn’t do! You are almost four. Your taste buds are quite funny. You eat almost everything. Bitter veggies, sour fruits, and especially the salty snacks and sweet candies. But you also like to eat the one thing I refuse to eat … Tayerblad. You’re such a weirdo but Bravo girl! 👏You are almost four. Your writing and drawing skills are so fun to watch. I know I am so annoying strict but practice makes perfect, with experience comes practical wisdom. If you don’t practice you won’t be able to do anything. You want to write, practice. You want to draw, practice. You want to read, practice. You want to climb trees, practice. And you know for yourself this is trueAlmost four. Oh, how time flies. This year you’ll go to school and I know you are so excited! You are so eager to learn. I hope and pray that Jesus will shine through you to others and that you’ll know that you can always ALWAYS count on Him.Almost four. You are a little lady. You love make-up. How in the world that happened? I don’t even like to put make-up. I guess your auntie infected you with that, nah? These days you are so independent. Well, you try to be. You want to do a lot of things on your own. Which is good. But sometimes it’s okay to let me help you, you know, or at least show you how it’s done. And you like pretty things too. You must be a princess, ehAlmost four! You like kids. Let me correct myself. You LOVE kids, especially when they’re younger than you. Each kid younger than you has captured your heart and I appreciate that so much.You hardly fight with others. Ahh ain’t that so sweet. Okay, let me correct myself again. Why do you fight with your older cousins? Like you’re tha boss or what? It’s not nice when you guys argue so much.But I know that as much as you and your older cousins bicker so much with each other You guys still love each other and can’t do without each other. I see it when you are together. The bond you guys have is special. Is one of a kind.Almost four! You are funny. You are loving. You are brave. You are strong. Compassionate. You are also weird…yeah weird because you like Tayerblad. That’s not my DNA. You are patient. Are you? Ehm, maybe you should work on that. You and I. Both of us. Together. You are a gift. A blessing.Every day with you is a challenge, it’s a big gift, a blessing and I can’t thank God enough for choosing us to be your parents. You are not easy, but you are absolutely worth everything! Sometimes we don’t understand each other. We lose it. We fail. But know that You are our baby. Our funny little human. Our sweetheart. Our heartbeat. You are almost four and you are God’s gift to us. We love you!With love & kisses, Mommy