Dear Daughter: Four years! At the Zoo…

And just like that you are now 4 years old. Not a toddler anymore, but a pretty smart preschooler.

And because you love animals so much we thought why not celebrate your 4th birthday by doing the one thing you wanted to do the most. A visit to the Zoo. Yes, the Zoo. Oh the joy. It was priceless to see your happiness and excitement when you realized we were going to the Zoo. Why in earth do you love animals so much? That’s definitely not my gene, eh?

The plan was to go just the three of us. Papa, you and I. And just enjoy this day, the three of us. But sometimes plans do change. Sometimes God knows whats best for us. Okay not sometimes. He always knows what’s best for us.

But Your aunts and uncles and cousins decided to add some more fun to your birthday so they also went to the Zoo. And that’s when you got even more hyper and wild with such a great surprise. And wow, you and your cousins were definitely having tons and tons of fun.

Tho this day didn’t went as planned I wouldn’t want to change it…for nothing in the world. The Zoo, the cake, your friends, all the junk you were allowed to eat and drink…they all added to a simple yet great birthday. You were happy. Everybody was. And that’s all that counts.

It amazes me every time to see how you enjoy the little things in life. We love you so much, little one

With love and kisses, Mommy