A Mother’s heart


there is joy and there is happiness.

there is love and there is mercy.

there are questions and solutions.

there is amazement and there is encouragement.

there are ideas and there is support.

there is power and there is perseverance.

there is success and there is pride.

there is wisdom and there is hope.

there is laughter and there is peace.


there is also frustration and there is desperation.

there is also guilt and there is anger.

there is also hurt and there is doubt.

there are also worries and tears.

there are also judgment and misunderstanding.

there is also failure and there is brokenness.

there is loneliness and there is selfishness.

We are Mommies. We are humans. We make mistakes. We are not perfect. We try. We fail. We try again. We do our best. Sometimes things work. Sometimes it doesn’t. We are humans. We want help. We don’t want help. We are strong. But we are also weak. It’s confusing. It’s part of parenthood.

We aren’t superheroes. No. We don’t need to save the world. That is not our job. We are normal human beings. We are mamas. We love our offspring, no matter how we feel. We are there for them, no matter how we feel. We take care of them, no matter how we feel. We teach them the good things in life, no matter how we feel. We help them, no matter how we feel. We discipline them, no matter how we feel. And that is our job.

Dear Mama, You are doing a great job. Don’t give up, even when it gets tough. Don’t give up, they look up to you and they love you (no matter how you feel).


Unlike our kiddo, I am not an animal friend. I don’t hate them, neither do I love them. Our kid is such a sweetheart with animals. Cats, dogs, iguanas, fish, cows, ants you name it. But there are 5 animals that I can’t stand at all. Mosquitoes, rats, flies, cocroaches and snakes. They kind of piss me off just by looking at them. Today I’ll write about snakes. Not for fun. Yikes! Do you like snakes? Those creepy slithering creatures?

I have never liked them. Probably because I consider them all dangerous and evil. Well, they do look evil. Don’t ya think?

Living on a dairy farm in Saramacca we have to be careful with snakes. Especially in the rainy season. And especially with a toddler that is not afraid of animals.

There are venomous and nonvenomous snakes around here such as the labaria and the watersnake.

A snake around the house is a no-no for me. A snake on my yard is also a no-no. It’s a bit difficult to completely keep them away on the farm.

That’s why we just have to pray that God will protect us all. And I can tell you, He did protect us then and He still does. Cuz there were times when the snake was not visible immediately and was close enough to strike.

Do you like snakes?

A beautiful day at the Zoo

Do you like animals? Our little human is a real animal lover to say it so. So we went to the Zoo with the family. It was a long day. But one filled with so much fun. Well, let’s say the little girls were having the most fun. Gabrielle was interested in the animals (not all of them ofcourse). And she had a great time hanging around with her cousins.

A couple pictures of some of the animals


Blaasman (kind of a heron)

Watching the pakiras
Cousins ❤
The king vulture (never knew they were so beautiful up close)
Mr loud, the Donkey
Mike, The husband ❤
Family ❤💙

Our little human was so excited to see all these animals. Animals she hadn’t seen before. Well at least not in real life. Only in books or on television/videos. I think the Ostrich, the Donkey, the Jaguar, the Deer, the chickens, the Cayman, the Crocodile and the Otter were her favorites. She paid less attention to the snakes, the turtles and the parrots. She did thought tho she was going to see giraffes and elephants. We don’t have those here. But it was quiet an adventure to see other animals than the usual iguanas, spiders, frogs, cows, fish, ants and birds.

Looking for the Cayman
The Ocelot
An Agouti
A white-tailed deer

It was such a fun day. Except for the animals there was also a playground. The kids were really enjoying all of it. And man, they got energy. Lots of energy. It was a great day. Tiring but great.

A toddler’s love for grass flowers

And God created the trees, the plants and the animals. He created nature. Not for us to manipulate it. Or destroy it. Not even to worship it. But He created nature for us to rule over it, to enjoy everything about it, to take good care of it.

I am thankful for a daughter who has a special love for nature in her heart. Animals are fascinating and flowers are interesting while a lot of times her playground is between the high grass in the meadows.

One of her daily habits these days is picking flowers. Grass flowers to be more specific. And since there are a lot of those simple yet beautiful flowers here, this girl iskind of having the time of her life.

Here are some of the pretty grass flowers she picks and then puts in a vase… almost everyday.

Do you love nature? Flowers? Simple flowers like these grass flowers?

My dear Daughter

Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

This is the day God and the angels were celebrating in heaven because you have accepted Jesus Christ in your heart. You asked Him to come to live in your heart. I know God is so happy. And the angels too. He said in “Luke 15:10 In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” And now that you’ve accepted Jesus in your heart, in your life as Your Saviour and Lord, the way to your heavenly Father is open. I am so so happy!

Ever since you were growing in my belly I prayed for this day. But telling you about God, His sacrifice, His love for you in “your language” was a big challenge (still is). Today you are 3 years and you’ve chosen Him. I thank God you didn’t do it forcefully or just to please us. Honestly, I thought you would say no because earlier you already said no. But then after your bedtime prayer, I asked you again if you wanted Jesus in your heart and this time you said yes. And you had such a big smile. Your face was shining so bright. I couldn’t believe my ears!!! So I asked you several times. You know, just to be sure. And all your answers were YES WITH THAT BIG SMILE OF YOURS. And your face was glowing. Seriously! Maybe you don’t understand everything right now, but that’s okay. We will tell you more about Him. You can also talk to Him. Sing for Him. Ask Him whatever you want to know. He’ll listen. You read your Bible. He’ll talk to you.

A lot of bad things happen these days. Children misbehaving real bad. Older people doing bad things with kids. It breaks my heart to see children just about your age or even younger, suffers so much. I look at you and I can only ask God to protect you. To keep you safe. To help you to stand up for the biblical truth.

As much as I want too and God knows I want to be there for you 24/7 but I know I won’t be. There will be days I can’t help you. There will be days I can’t be there for you. There will be days I will fail you. There will be days you can’t count on me. And it hurts to think about it. But that is just the reality.

But another reality is that Jesus is always there for you! 24/7. Because now He lives in your heart. He won’t fail you. He won’t let you go. He’ll keep you safe. He’ll be your Comforter. Your Refugee. Your Strong Tower. You’re Protector. You’re Healer.

You know, sweetheart, God really really loves you. I love you too. Papa loves you too. But God loves you a lot more than we can ever love you.

7 peuter regels om een dierenvriend te worden

Ben jij een dierenvriend? Om eerlijk te zijn ik niet. Maar de kleine boss lady in huis wel. Die is echt gek op dieren.

Haar grootouders hebben een poes in huis, die mensenschuw is en niet van knuffels houdt. Poes heeft dat al meerdere keren kenbaar gemaakt. Nog erbij op pijnlijke manieren. Maar of het lief meisje begrijpt die tekenen niet of ze wil koste wat het kost blijven proberen vriendschap te sluiten met de poes. Aaien op de kop. Verhaaltjes vertellen aan de poes en liedjes zingen. Yup! Dat doet ze ook. Samen met de poes lopen. Maar de poes is dat niet gewend. Zeker niet van zo’n kleine bazige meid.

But one day this cat will surrender to her love. There is no other way…according to the kid.

7 regels hoe vrienden te worden met dieren. Rules in the eyes of the little one.

1. Niet bang zijn.

2. Zorg goed voor hun.

3. Vertel ze verhaaltjes.

4. Zing een liedje voor hun.

5. Speel met ze.

6. Hou van ze.

7. Niet bang zijn. (Ja. Twee keer niet bang zijn, omdat je geen vriendschap met dieren kan sluiten als je bang voor ze bent heh.)

Hoewel ik geen dierenliefhebber ben, belet ik de kleine meid niet om van dieren te houden. Om met ze te spelen (depends on what animal ofcourse).

Hou jij van dieren? Heb je misschien nog meer manieren hoe je bevriend kan worden met dieren?

Sinds kort een youtube channel geopend. Hoop daar wat videos te zetten over crafts en ideetjes etcetra.


Why naps are good

My dear Child,

How are you today? Sleepy? Cranky? Just look at you. Sleeping so sweet. I love that. So tired but still you fight the sleep. Why are you doing that?

See I know you don’t like your naps. You want to be busy all the time instead of “wasting your precious time sleeping.” I mean, there’s so much to do. Right? Playing with others or your toys. Eating. Talking. You do talk a lot. Sometimes my ears hurt. Taking walks in the pastures. Searching for cool animals like fish in the pound or the cows in the barn. Annoy your Mama. Yep! You do that too. And sometimes I wonder if you’re secretly enjoying that. Are you?

I know how you feel when you have to give up all the fun in your world just to take a rest. I’ve been there too …. a very long time ago. I can’t remember I complained as much as you do tho but like it or not you still have to take your naps. Even if I have to force you. You will take a rest!

And let me tell you why you need your rest.

Research says sleep is good for your health. And for your growth. Your heart. And that may be true.

What I have noticed since the day you were born is that regular sleep such as naps helps you from becoming overtired. I have seen how you went from happy to annoyed/irritated and all of those cranky moods only because you were overtired.

When awake you were a busy baby so full of action. You still are like that. Always ready to do things. Play. Run. Jump. Talk. Sing. Walk. And that makes you tired.

I have to admit tho. When you take a nap it also gives me a moment to breathe a little, do a household chore, relax a lil bit and….eat all your snacks and my chocolate. Yes, sometimes I just feel like eating all your snacks and not sharing mine with you. Do you mind? Thank you 😊

You know I love you, right? So now you know why I force you to take naps. And hopefully, you stop being so dramatic when it’s naptime. You only make it difficult for yourself. And it ain’t helping. So stop it. Seriously, quit it! I love you. Kiss kiss,

Sincerely, Mommy