Spider plant

This is my mama spider plant. Actually, there are two mamas in there. Most people have their spider plant in a flower pot. I just wanted something different so I have mine in an old tire. And I think it looks great too. But these mama plants have so many spiderettes. Honestly, I don’t know … Continue reading Spider plant

Coconut Worm

What would you do if you find a wonderful wriggling big worm like this? Some people eat this. So squishy juicy. Fry it? In massala? I really don’t know how to cook it. And I don’t think I want to know how. Some people would take a picture. It’s an opportunity to capture one of … Continue reading Coconut Worm

Sunny Sunflowers

Sunflowers are pretty. So yellowish. So bright and sunny. Right? Who doesn’t like these pretty things? Sunflowers have tall stalks and their bright petals are towards the sun. That’s how they grow and that’s how they got the meaning of worship and adoration. I must say they are really pretty. The cows on the farm … Continue reading Sunny Sunflowers


Cows. Brown cows. Black cows. These are some of the cows on my in-laws dairy farm. Saying helloooooo Koeien. Bruine koeien. Zwarte koeien. Deze zijn enkele koeien op de boerderij van mijn schoonouders. Ze groeten hartelijk Halloooooooo And of course there’s the kid. Little animal friend. I think they like the kid too. Maybe they … Continue reading Cows