sick but still ready for action

A sick toddler in the house is not easy

They beg too much

They are annoyed too easy

They annoy you too

They complain for nothing and about anything

They are so clingy all the time

They nag too much

It’s tantrum 1 to 100

They vomit healthy food and only want to eat the junk stuff

Our little one is not feeling so well today. It started yesterday. Lil bit warm. She vomited a couple of times. A runny nose.

Although she wasn’t feeling too well she was still ready for some action. She took a long morning walk in the meadow to pick some oranges.

She ate her orange like never before. Good girl. A lil bit of veggie soup with okra, chicken, corn and spinach. And of course, she had lots of biscuits. (As long as she eats right?)

But she wanted more action. Like that walk in the meadow wasn’t enough or what? She wanted to go fishing. I start to doubt her being sick. Anyway, we went fishing. And she caught some fish by herself. Good girl!

So what do you do when your kid doesn’t feel to well? What do you do to make them happy?

If it makes her happy

Do you ever feel like u want to give your kid anything, ANYTHING, just for the sake of their happiness? Even if it means “torture” for you or giving up your last piece of chocolate or stepping out of your comfort zone? Parenthood is about making sacrifices. Sometimes it’s easy but a lot of times it’s quite the opposite. I mean their happiness is yours as well, right?

We already knew our little one loved animals and nature. She’s such a brave girl. But hiking through the forest? Now that was new. Out of nowhere, she asked to take a hike through the jungle. First of all her Dad had other plans and second, the thought about all those blood sucking mosquitos wasn’t so appealing to ME.

Finally, Mike decided to make a change in his plans, while I decided to fight against that crazy little mosquito swarm…just for the sake of her happiness. We went into neighbour’s jungle.

In the woods, the girl hardly complained. Al those mad mosquitos flying around her…oh how they were so happy for fresh blood. This Mama, on the other hand, was fussing and hitting everywhere 🤔 those mad mad MAD beasts!

The little human enjoyed the hike. The trees. The grass. The flowers. The atmosphere there. That nature smell. The mosquitos loved her and poor me too. Honestly, I think she loved the excitement, it’s like an adventure.

It is funny to see how she enjoys nature so much. It brings back some little wild memories from way-way-way back. Those were the days. Now she’s making some of her own adventurous memories in the jungle.

Farm life: it’s beauty everywhere

Life on a farm is different than life in the city. Life on this farm is different than life on other farms. Different in different ways. Some good, but honestly some not. But trying to cope and take the most out of it is the best thing to do. So I choose to capture all the beauty around us. Beauty in the little things…such as a little yet beautiful flower. Or an adventurous little one who’s enjoying this life to the fullest.

Nature around us has so many beauty in it. The flowers. The trees. The grass. The “jungle” and its inhabitants. Let’s not forget the cows on the farm. The beauty is everywhere if you just take the time to see and enjoy.

I’m not a professional photographer but I have to admit capturing the crazy, funny but beautiful and mesmerizing moments on camera is very cool. The pics may not be perfect but they are some pretty wild memories to keep.

Fun in the rain

February Birthdays coming up and that means rainy season! 🌧 What do you do when it rains?

Today I’ve let our little one play in the rain. And she had tons of fun. Didn’t even want to go inside when it stopped raining.

I have to admit before we moved to this place I didn’t let her play so much outdoors. This mommy was such a scared paranoid mouse 😂 not sure if paranoid is the best word but I guess I saw danger everywhere outside the house when it comes to playtime.

But now we are here. With so much nature around us. Am still paranoid tho but not so much… I guess? 🤔

But as a kid I’ve enjoyed playing outside. I’ve enjoyed rain and mud. I’ve enjoyed trees and grass. It was such an adventure. I know the excitement. The joy. The fun. So why keep her away from these experiences? I may still see danger everywhere but I don’t want to hold back these great life experiences for our little one. Besides that she’s such a brave one, ready for all the action outdoors. To be honest she’s braver than me😎

One day she’ll thank me for these moments!

So What did you do as a kid when it rained outside?


Hi there,

I am Sheri and welcome to my blog, littlewildadventures. Married to Michael and mother of Gabrielle. I am not a celebrity but just a normal tired mommy who’s trying to give her best to the little human. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. But her smiles and hugs give me the strength to keep on going. To do my utmost best.

Not to long ago we moved to another place, not close to the city but a place where we are fully surrounded by nature. A bit of a challenge. An adventure. Our little one seems to enjoy everything here. She loves animals such as the cows, iguanas, the cayman and the sloth. She loves nature. She’s in her own little paradise. 

When I was young my mother used to let me and my siblings play in grass, dirt, sand, mud. I enjoyed the times she took us to the meadow and the woods. We climbed in trees. We climbed over barb wires. We were wild kids. We made some pretty wild memories. And I am happy she raised us that way. Today I want to do the same for our little wild kiddo.

I see lots of children that don’t know what it’s like to play in sand and mud. In the open. Sometimes the parents are afraid to let them play so freely. Or sometimes they just play a lot inside with other toys and stuff. Sometimes parents have all these ideas what danger there is outside. I know that feeling. I’ve been there too. I was afraid too until we moved to a place with lots of nature surrounding us.

But I also know the joys that comes with nature. Playing outside. Running bare feet. Climbing trees. Running in the meadow. To let her enjoy nature to the fullest as I did back then. To make some pretty wild memories as I did back then. Alone. With mom and dad. With grandpa and grandma. With cousins and friends. It’s all fun. 

Littlewildadventures…these are some wild adventures from a little girl living on a farm with lots of nature around her. These are going to be some pretty wild memories.

with love, 

The Libbys