Dear Daughter: Four years! At the Zoo

And just like that you are now 4 years old. Not a toddler anymore, but a pretty smart preschooler.

And because you love animals so much we thought why not celebrate your 4th birthday by doing the one thing you wanted to do the most. A visit to the Zoo. Yes, the Zoo. Oh the joy. It was priceless to see your happiness and excitement when you realized we were going to the Zoo. Why in earth do you love animals so much? That’s definitely not my gene, eh?

The plan was to go just the three of us. Papa, you and I. And just enjoy this day, the three of us. But sometimes plans do change. Sometimes God knows whats best for us. Okay not sometimes. He always knows what’s best for us.

But Your aunts and uncles and cousins decided to add some more fun to your birthday so they also went to the Zoo. And that’s when you got even more hyper and wild with such a great surprise. And wow, you and your cousins were definitely having tons and tons of fun.

Tho this day didn’t went as planned I wouldn’t want to change it…for nothing in the world. The Zoo, the cake, your friends, all the junk you were allowed to eat and drink…they all added to a simple yet great birthday. You were happy. Everybody was. And that’s all that counts.

It amazes me every time to see how you enjoy the little things in life. We love you so much, little one

With love and kisses, Mommy

Dear Daughter: You are almost Four years!

You are almost four. And your interest and love for flowers and animals surprises me every day. It’s amazing how you enjoy this farm life, away from the city. The little things. The big things. How do you do that? It makes me so happy to watch you grow…to watch you do stuff in the open, things I wouldn’t do! You are almost four. Your taste buds are quite funny. You eat almost everything. Bitter veggies, sour fruits, and especially the salty snacks and sweet candies. But you also like to eat the one thing I refuse to eat … Tayerblad. You’re such a weirdo but Bravo girl! 👏You are almost four. Your writing and drawing skills are so fun to watch. I know I am so annoying strict but practice makes perfect, with experience comes practical wisdom. If you don’t practice you won’t be able to do anything. You want to write, practice. You want to draw, practice. You want to read, practice. You want to climb trees, practice. And you know for yourself this is trueAlmost four. Oh, how time flies. This year you’ll go to school and I know you are so excited! You are so eager to learn. I hope and pray that Jesus will shine through you to others and that you’ll know that you can always ALWAYS count on Him.Almost four. You are a little lady. You love make-up. How in the world that happened? I don’t even like to put make-up. I guess your auntie infected you with that, nah? These days you are so independent. Well, you try to be. You want to do a lot of things on your own. Which is good. But sometimes it’s okay to let me help you, you know, or at least show you how it’s done. And you like pretty things too. You must be a princess, ehAlmost four! You like kids. Let me correct myself. You LOVE kids, especially when they’re younger than you. Each kid younger than you has captured your heart and I appreciate that so much.You hardly fight with others. Ahh ain’t that so sweet. Okay, let me correct myself again. Why do you fight with your older cousins? Like you’re tha boss or what? It’s not nice when you guys argue so much.But I know that as much as you and your older cousins bicker so much with each other You guys still love each other and can’t do without each other. I see it when you are together. The bond you guys have is special. Is one of a kind.Almost four! You are funny. You are loving. You are brave. You are strong. Compassionate. You are also weird…yeah weird because you like Tayerblad. That’s not my DNA. You are patient. Are you? Ehm, maybe you should work on that. You and I. Both of us. Together. You are a gift. A blessing.Every day with you is a challenge, it’s a big gift, a blessing and I can’t thank God enough for choosing us to be your parents. You are not easy, but you are absolutely worth everything! Sometimes we don’t understand each other. We lose it. We fail. But know that You are our baby. Our funny little human. Our sweetheart. Our heartbeat. You are almost four and you are God’s gift to us. We love you!With love & kisses, Mommy

A mood for pretty flowers

Flowers. So pretty. I admit I am not really a flower person. I lack the patience and I seriously lack the will to take care of them. But a garden full of flowers is far more beautiful than a yard full of weeds. Right?

Not so long ago the husband bought two beautiful flower plants. The blue Plumbago (mannentrouw in Dutch) and the Crossandra infundibuliformis, the firecracker flower. Very beautiful. And that’s where this new mood for flowers has awaken inside of me. I won’t say it’s love, cuz I don’t know how long this mood will last.

Crossandra infundibuliformis, firecracker flower
Blue Plumbago (mannentrouw)

Someone told me plants and flowers are the best listeners. When your sad, or angry, frustrated, or happy or you just want to get things off your chest…plants and flowers don’t talk back. They don’t fight you. They don’t argue with you. They don’t curse you. They are just there. (Maybe they do think you’re a little crazy. Guess we’ll never know.)

Yellow fayalobi

Although I am not a flower person I have to admit some are really beautiful. Seriously breathtaking. Their beauty. Their appearance. Their fragrance. It’s all amazing. Somehow they manage to calm you down.

While I am still in this new mood for flowers I’ve decided to grow other beautiful plants as well. Now my mind is set on bougainvillea trees and jasmine! Wow! I can’t wait to have a garden full of pretty flowers and plants and butterflies and dragonflies. And I know at least one person who would love to play in a beautiful garden with lots of pretty breathtaking flowers .

Als je kind ziek is

Ziek zijn is niet leuk. En helemaal niet wanneer een kindje ziek is. Wat doe je? Raak je in paniek?

Ons meisje was een dag koortsig en at slecht. Ja 1 dag. Gelukkig maar een dag. Dat was al erg genoeg. Opkomende griep? Dingen die zij normaal gesproken zou eten, waarvoor je haar geen twee keer hoef te vragen, weigerde ze. Keelpijn. Hoofdpijn.

Ondanks zij zich niet zo best voelde, was ze toch nog actief. Spelen. Rennen. Non-stop praten. That’s something that really surprises me everytime. I know when I don’t feel well I only want to lay down. Niemand moet praten. Just some peace and quietness. That will do. But not this kid. No.

Calpol stroop en hoestdrank hebben hun werk gedaan. Maar ook samen bidden. God vragen om met haar te zijn, haar te helpen en haar te herstellen. Misschien was het maar een opkomende griepje, en hoefde ik mij niet zoveel zorgen te maken, maar een ziek kindje is niet prettig. Niet voor de ouders/verzorgers en al helemaal niet voor het kind zelfs.

Gelukkig voelt zij zich nu heel wat beter. Eet ook flinker. Is nog achiever dan voorheen. Daarom mag zij vandaag alles doen wat zij maar wilt. S’morgens lang buiten spelen…met zand.

In het bos kijken naar luiaarden. Met de hond wandelen naar de grasvelden.

Chocolade eten.

Veel kersen eten. En bacove.

Het is moeilijk wanneer je kind ziek is, al is het maar een griepje. Vooral als het kind nog niet alles goed kan uitleggen. Wat doe je dan? In paniek raken? Zorgen maken. Misschien niet het beste om te doen, maar het gebeurd. Ook ik maak me vreselijk veel zorgen als ons meisje ziek is, al is het maar een verkoudheid. Maar dan keer ik ook tot God. Om mij te helpen, wijsheid te geven en rust. Maar ook om met het kind te zijn. Uiteindelijk kan Hij alleen haar herstellen/genezen. Uiteindelijk kan Hij alleen 1x24u met haar zijn.

Geloof jij ook dat God geneest? Wat voor ziekte dan ook?

A Mother’s heart


there is joy and there is happiness.

there is love and there is mercy.

there are questions and solutions.

there is amazement and there is encouragement.

there are ideas and there is support.

there is power and there is perseverance.

there is success and there is pride.

there is wisdom and there is hope.

there is laughter and there is peace.


there is also frustration and there is desperation.

there is also guilt and there is anger.

there is also hurt and there is doubt.

there are also worries and tears.

there are also judgment and misunderstanding.

there is also failure and there is brokenness.

there is loneliness and there is selfishness.

We are Mommies. We are humans. We make mistakes. We are not perfect. We try. We fail. We try again. We do our best. Sometimes things work. Sometimes it doesn’t. We are humans. We want help. We don’t want help. We are strong. But we are also weak. It’s confusing. It’s part of parenthood.

We aren’t superheroes. No. We don’t need to save the world. That is not our job. We are normal human beings. We are mamas. We love our offspring, no matter how we feel. We are there for them, no matter how we feel. We take care of them, no matter how we feel. We teach them the good things in life, no matter how we feel. We help them, no matter how we feel. We discipline them, no matter how we feel. And that is our job.

Dear Mama, You are doing a great job. Don’t give up, even when it gets tough. Don’t give up, they look up to you and they love you (no matter how you feel).


Unlike our kiddo, I am not an animal friend. I don’t hate them, neither do I love them. Our kid is such a sweetheart with animals. Cats, dogs, iguanas, fish, cows, ants you name it. But there are 5 animals that I can’t stand at all. Mosquitoes, rats, flies, cocroaches and snakes. They kind of piss me off just by looking at them. Today I’ll write about snakes. Not for fun. Yikes! Do you like snakes? Those creepy slithering creatures?

I have never liked them. Probably because I consider them all dangerous and evil. Well, they do look evil. Don’t ya think?

Living on a dairy farm in Saramacca we have to be careful with snakes. Especially in the rainy season. And especially with a toddler that is not afraid of animals.

There are venomous and nonvenomous snakes around here such as the labaria and the watersnake.

A snake around the house is a no-no for me. A snake on my yard is also a no-no. It’s a bit difficult to completely keep them away on the farm.

That’s why we just have to pray that God will protect us all. And I can tell you, He did protect us then and He still does. Cuz there were times when the snake was not visible immediately and was close enough to strike.

Do you like snakes?

A beautiful day at the Zoo

Do you like animals? Our little human is a real animal lover to say it so. So we went to the Zoo with the family. It was a long day. But one filled with so much fun. Well, let’s say the little girls were having the most fun. Gabrielle was interested in the animals (not all of them ofcourse). And she had a great time hanging around with her cousins.

A couple pictures of some of the animals


Blaasman (kind of a heron)

Watching the pakiras
Cousins ❤
The king vulture (never knew they were so beautiful up close)
Mr loud, the Donkey
Mike, The husband ❤
Family ❤💙

Our little human was so excited to see all these animals. Animals she hadn’t seen before. Well at least not in real life. Only in books or on television/videos. I think the Ostrich, the Donkey, the Jaguar, the Deer, the chickens, the Cayman, the Crocodile and the Otter were her favorites. She paid less attention to the snakes, the turtles and the parrots. She did thought tho she was going to see giraffes and elephants. We don’t have those here. But it was quiet an adventure to see other animals than the usual iguanas, spiders, frogs, cows, fish, ants and birds.

Looking for the Cayman
The Ocelot
An Agouti
A white-tailed deer

It was such a fun day. Except for the animals there was also a playground. The kids were really enjoying all of it. And man, they got energy. Lots of energy. It was a great day. Tiring but great.